Terms and Conditions for Deliveries and Services to the Consumer

§ 1 Identity and Address
World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks GmbH
European Centre for Art and Industry Culture,
Rathausstraße 75 - 79
66333 Völklingen, Germany.

Referred to in the following as “World Cultural Heritage Site”

Executive Director: General Director Dr. Ralf Beil.,
Commercial Director: Arno Harth
Managing Drector: Michael Schley: 

Tax Nr. 040/140/65518
Value Added Tax Identity Number: DE 202055337-  HRB  7 52 11

Telephone: +49 (0)6898 – 9 100 100 (Mon-Fri, 8.30am - 5pm)
Telefax: +49 (0)6898 – 9 100 111
E-Mail: mail@voelklinger-huette.org

Bank Connection Germany:
Bank: Saar LB
Account Holder: Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte GmbH

Swift Code:         SALADE55XXX
IBAN Code:         DE77 5905 0000 0020 0163 33 

§ 2 Coverage
(1) The following Standard Terms and Conditions apply to the business relations between the World Cultural Heritage Site and the customer in the version in force at the time the order was placed except when otherwise stipulated. Deviating regulations are not recognised by the World Cultural Heritage Site unless they have written confirmation from the World Cultural Heritage Site.

(2) According to section 13 BGB (German Civil Code) the consumer/user is defined as every natural person entering into a legal transaction for a purpose attributed neither to a commercial nor a self-employed professional activity. Bulk suppliers and booksellers are asked to directly inform the World Culture Heritage Site Völklinger Hütte. The delivery of Books / CDs will only proceed in an usual amount.

(3) The right of cancellation in section 11 of this AGB taking place in the context of the business relationship between the World Cultural Heritage Site and contractors according to section 14 BGB is not applicable. We recommend customers who are not certain whether they are customers or contractors to exercise their right to cancellation within the agreed period. If the subsequent legal assessment finds that the customer is a contractor in the sense of section 14 BGB then clause 1 applies.
§ 3 Conclusion of Contract/Contract Language
(1) Presentations on our internet site do not constitute a binding offer of a contract. In the case that a customer orders from us by internet, fax, telephone or email the customer submits a binding offer. We hereby reserve the right to decide freely whether to accept such an offer. The agreement takes place through confirmation of the order or delivery of the goods. Should the customer not receive confirmation of the order or delivery of the goods from us, the customer is no longer bound to the order.

(2) On the website of the World Cultural Heritage Site the customer may choose from a selection of goods or entrance tickets and through the button marked “shopping cart” collect them in a virtual shopping cart. Before sending off the order the customer may view the goods and change them at any point in time. The order can, however, only be submitted and transmitted when the customer has accepted the terms and conditions and these will be the subject of the agreement.

(3) The contract text will be made available exclusively in German, English and French.

(4) The contract text is stored in our system. The General Terms and Conditions can viewed at any time at www.voelklinger-huette.org. The order data and the Terms and Conditions will be sent to you separately by email.

§ 4 Duties of the Customer
(1) The customer is obliged during registration/ordering to give accurate and truthful information. The customer musts promptly inform us of any alterations featuring important data vital to our business relationship (e.g. name, address, email address, entrepreneurship) before the next order. Should false data be submitted we are authorised to cancel the contracts already concluded and block our online shop from this buyer.

(2) Customers who register in our online shop choose a password for future access. The customer is obliged to treat this password strictly confidentially and not make it accessible to an unauthorised third person. We accept no liability for any misuse of the password caused by the customer. 

(3) The customer is obliged to adhere to the house rules of the World Cultural Heritage when acquiring an entrance ticket for a visit to the World Cultural Heritage Site. The House Rules of the World Cultural Heritage Site are accessible here.

§ 5 Partial Deliveries
We are authorised to make partial deliveries as long as it is reasonable for the customer.

§ 6 Prices
The mentioned prices are inclusive of the legal VAT but not the delivery charges. Any delivery costs are shown separately. In connection with this we request reference to section 7 Delivery Costs and Return Costs.

§ 7 Delivery Costs and Return Costs
(1) The delivery of goods to the countries listed below is generally effected by DHL, depending on the weight. For shipping to all other countries, please contact us before placing your order: shop@voelklinger-huette.org.

The delivery costs are accrued in the following:

Delivery up to










Parcel until 1.000 g

6,00 €

16,00 €

18,00 €

23,00 €

Parcel until 5.000 g

8,00 €

16,00 €

18,00 €

24,00 €

Parcel until 10.000 g

10,00 €

20,00 €

22,00 €

31,00 €

Parcel until 15.000 g*

18,00 € 




Parcel until 20.000 g*

22,00 €




Shipping Sculpture
to a girth of 98,4 inch

18,00 €

* If the total weight of your order surpasses 10.000 g, please split your order into multiple ones.

The above named zones are divided as follows:


Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Nederlands, Danemark, France


Great Britain, Italy


Czech Republic

(2) The delivery of entrance tickets takes place following an online order from the customer through the specified email address. The customer is authorised to print out the entrance tickets. A reproduction or unauthorised transfer of entrance tickets to a third party does not authorise entrance to the events held at, or the facilities of, the World Cultural Heritage Site. The one-time valid bar code on the ticket will be scanned electronically at the event location.
In the event of it being established that entrance tickets have been reproduced without authorisation by the World Cultural Heritage Site the World Cultural Heritage Site reserves the right to refuse the owner of the unauthorised tickets access to the facilities or events of the World Cultural Heritage Site as well as to claim additional damages against the owner of the unauthorised tickets. 
(3) In the event of the acquisition of entrance tickets the handing over takes place directly to the customer through the World Cultural Heritage Site.
(4) If you exercise your right of cancellation and return the goods to us, you must bear the cost of the return delivery, if the delivered goods match with the ordered goods and if the price of the reshipped goods do not exceed an amount of 40.00 Euros or if the buyer at a higher price of the good has not rendered the trade-off or the contractual agreed partial payment at the time of the countermand.

§ 8 Tickets / Online Tickets
World Cultural Heritage Site online tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. Right of withdrawal section 312b BGB is inapplicable.
In case of loss of tickets there is no claim for replacement of tickets. 
The tickets are only valid in A4 ticket form!Please treat World Cultural Heritage Site online tickets as if they were money or normal entrance tickets to avoid any misuse.
On the prevention of the resale of tickets by the customer which is not permitted:
- to resell entrance tickets at a higher price than the World Cultural Heritage Site’s retail price; this applies in particular also to a private transfer;
- to sell entrance tickets in a business or commercial manner without the World Cultural Heritage Site’s prior express written consent;
- to use entrance tickets in the context of a competition, travel or hospitality offer or for public promotional or marketing purposes without prior written consent from the World Cultural Heritage Site;
- to offer entrance tickets themselves at internet auction houses or through a third person;
- to offer entrance tickets themselves otherwise on non-authorised internet platforms or through a third person;
-to pass on entrance tickets without express reference to these Terms and Conditions, even including the event that such a passing on of the tickets is not forbidden.

A breach of the aforementioned prohibitions means invalidates the entrance ticket and no longer entitles the bearer to visit the facilities and events of the World Cultural Heritage Site. The World Cultural Heritage Site reserves the right to deny persons who are in breach of the above resale prohibitions the acquisition of entrance tickets and/or initiate further civil or criminal measures.

§ 9 Advance Payment
Unfortunately, advance paymant is not possible in the online shop.

§ 10 Payment

1) Payment by giropay
Giropay is an online payment service with which one can pay for acquisitions quickly and securely. If you choose giropay as a payment procedure at our online shop you will be directed securely from the shop to the online banking of your bank or savings society upon entering your bank identification number. Here you enter your account number and PIN as usual. The system automatically displays the bank transfer which contains all the details of your acquisition: invoice amount, reason and bank details. Via entry of a TAN you authorise the bank transfer. On the third and last step of the giropay transfer you receive a confirmation of the successful payment which you can print out.
2) Credit Card Payment (Visa,  Mastercard, Maestrocard)
Credit card payment is carried out by our partner telecash. Through payment with your credit card the order of the amount is reserved on your card and debited when shipping takes place.
3) Payment by Paypal
Paypal ® is valid as a payment kind on the Internet. You chose Paypal ® as a mode of payment and then you are passed on the internet sites by Paypal ®. There You initiate under information with Paypal ® deposited E-mail address and password the payment process. After end of the same you are referred back again to our sides.

§ 11 Cancellation Policy
Insofar as the World Cultural Heritage Site offers services in the area of leisure time activities, in particular entrance tickets for events or entrance to the facilities of the Word Cultural Heritage there is no distance contract according to section 312b of BGB (German Civil Code). This means that a right of withdrawal or return does not exist. Immediately upon the delivery of the entrance tickets via email communication each ordering of entrance tickets is immediately binding and the customer is obligated for purchase and payment of the tickets ordered. 

Cancellation Policy

Right of Cancellation:

You have the right, within fourteen days to cancel this contract without giving any reason. The cancellation period is 14 days from the day in which you or a third party, designated by you, who is not the carrier has or have taken possession of the goods.

In order to exercise your right to cancellation you must inform the 

World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks GmbH
Rathausstraße 75- 79
66333 Völklingen

by means of a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post, telefax or email) of your decision to cancel this contract. You may use for this the enclosed standard cancellation form, however, this is not compulsory.
If you cancel this contract the consequences of cancellation  hold us to refund to you all payments made for the acquired goods, that you have rendered and we refund you the costs at the lowest level of our offered standard delivery. The refund will be paid immediately and at the latest, subject to the undermentioned conditions of the situation referred to, within fourteen days following the day upon which we receive notification from you of the cancellation of your contract. For such refunds we use bank transfers exclusively. To this purpose please provide us with your bank details. On no account do we pay compensation on refunds. We can refuse the refund until we have the goods returned or have received evidence that you have sent the goods back to us, whichever is the earliest point in time.
You must return the goods immediately to us, in any case at the latest, within fourteen days from the day you inform us of the cancellation of this contract. The deadline is met if you send the goods before the deadline period of fourteen days has elapsed. We bear the costs of sending back the goods.You must pay for any diminished value of the goods only if after the quality, properties and means of functioning of the goods is checked and the diminishing value of the goods is attributed to handling with them that is other than necessary.

The above right of cancellation shall not apply
- to the delivery of goods that are not prepackaged and whose manufacture has been custom made to an individual choice or purpose that is significant or clearly only suited to your personal needs
- regarding the delivery of sound or video recordings or computer software in a sealed package, if the seal has been removed after delivery.

In this instance the standard cancellation form applies  (pdf).

End of the Cancellation Policy__________________________

§ 12  Cancellation / Alteration of Events
Reimbursement of the entrance tickets is only possible in the case of cancellation or alteration of the events. In the case of the changing of the location of the events return of tickets is only possible when the new event location is unreasonable for the customer’s considerations. The cancellation/alterations will be made announced immediately on the homepage and where and when possible through the daily press, radio and by telephone request. Faced with greater expenses for the visit (journey to destination) we urgently recommend looking up the homepages or telephoning on the day of the event. In the event of cancellation or the unreasonable relocation of the event the customer will be refunded the price of the tickets excluding postage and possible advanced booking fees incurred but only against production of the original entrance tickets (not photocopies). Refunds are not possible for lost tickets. The World Cultural
tickets by other event organisers the World Cultural Heritage Site only refunds the price of the ticket when the entrance ticket was bought through the World Cultural Heritage Site. Other expenses which the customer has incurred compliant with mandatory legal regulations will be refunded upon submission of proof.

§ 13  Warranty and Liability
(1) To the extent that the purchased items are defective, the customer can, according to his own choice, require subsequent performance in the form of removal of the defect or in the form of delivery of a new defect-free product.
(2) If the subsequent service fails twice or there has been no refusal to make good then the customer is entitled to either cancel the contract or demand a reduction of price.
(3) The period of limitation for warranty claims is two years after delivery of the goods.
(4) Cases of liability for defects have to be handled directly with us. Negotiations with independent representatives not directly employed by us are not negotiations in the sense of Section 203 1BGB.
(5) Under the terms of the law, we assume liability if the client claims compensation for damages due to intent and gross negligence, including the intent and gross negligence of our representatives or employers. Insofar as we are not accused of an intentional contract violation, the liability for damages is limited to the predictable, typically occurring damages. In terms of the violation of subsidiary obligations we are not liable for cases of slight negligence.
(6) Liability on the grounds of culpable harm to life, body or health is unaffected; this also applies to the mandatory liability in accordance with the product liability law and other mandatory statutory regulations.
(7) In the event of a delayed delivery we are liable in accordance with legal provisions, whereby damages can only be compensated when we, our legal representatives or employees are guilty of intent or gross negligence. Compensation for damages is limited to foreseeable typically occurring damage.

§ 14 Transport Damages
Should damages in transit of the shipped goods/packaging be detected upon delivery we request that upon receipt of the goods you have the employee of the transport company confirm the damage in writing and inform us about it. The failure to provide written confirmation has no affect you’re your legal statutory rights. They help us, however, to make a valid claim against the freight company or claim transport insurance. Should it be possible we request you to photograph the damages to the packaging.
§ 15 Data Protection

The World Cultural Heritage Site reports to the customer that the data taken within the conclusion of the contract shall be reserved, processed and used according to the State Data Protection Law (BDSG) and the Tele Service Data Protection Law (TDDSG) by the contract. Further information is available in our separate data protection policy, which you can see here.

§ 16 Instructions Regarding Battery Regulations and Electrical Appliances Act
In connection with the sales of batteries and rechargeable batteries we, as a merchant, are obligated to inform our customers as follows according to the Battery Regulations:
Batteries should never be disposed of as ordinary household waste. You are legally bound to return batteries and rechargeable batteries. After use you can return them free of charge to our sales point or in a communal collection point or at a local retailer. Batteries containing heavy metal contaminants are marked with the illustration of a crossed-out rubbish-bin.

and the chemical symbol

Pb = Battery containing lead
Cd = Battery containing cadmium
Hg = Battery containing mercury.

which provide classification of their key heavy metal contaminants.

Electrical devices should also not be disposed of in ordinary household waste. The manufacturers are obliged to take back the used machines they have placed on the market. Or you can return electrical devices free of charge at communal return and collection points.

§ 17 Final Provisions
(1) If a provision of these General Terms and Conditions is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that shall not affect any part of the contract. The relevant statutory provisions will apply in place of any invalid term. German law applies.

(2) Place for fulfilment and court of jurisdiction to the extent permitted by law, for deliveries and payments and all disputes between the parties is the seller’s place of business.  Place for fulfilment and court of jurisdiction for the consumer is the seller’s place of business. If the private consumer does not have residence within the European Union the place of jurisdiction is the seller’s place of business. In business dealings with consumers within the European Union the law applicable to the consumer’s place of jurisdiction is valid as long as it unambiguously deals with provisions for consumer rights.

Date: Aprils 2020

Download of Terms and Conditions (PDF)